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Planning for your academic & career journey- March Issue

ACT at Memorial High School

Tuesday, March 1st, 8am

201 South Gammon Road

Madison, WI

All juniors will take the ACT (American College Test) at Memorial High School during school.

Dane County Job Fair

Tuesday, March 1st, 12pm

1919 Alliant Energy Center Way

Madison, WI

Is your student looking for a job? The WI Job Center is holding a huge job fair from 12-5pm on March 1st, when JMM students will happen to be free. Employers like Culvers, Copp's, and more (75+) will be there.

Work Keys Testing

Wednesday, March 2nd, 8am

201 South Gammon Road

Madison, WI

All juniors will take the Work Keys test during school at Memorial High School.

AP EXAM Registration is February 6th-March 4th

Click here to find out more about signing up for your AP Exam.


Monday, March 14th, 9:30am

201 South Gammon Road

Madison, WI

Juniors can select from a variety of colleges, training schools, and the military at JMM during advisory to learn more about them in making plans for graduation and beyond.

Post High School Options Night

Thursday, March 17th, 7pm

201 South Gammon Road

Madison, WI

This is a “must night” for all juniors and their parents as we host representatives from regional colleges, schools, and programs to present information on their opportunities and admission requirements. Critical pieces of your college/career planning can begin on this night. Other grade levels are welcome. (Juniors will have an opportunity to visit one of the presenters during Advisory in March as well.)


(end of the 7th week of semester 2)

Spring Break!

March 19th-28th. Enjoy!
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All Students


In Memorial's Advisory Program, we do activities that build commmunity with students and staff, and help students with academic and career planning. Here's what's on schedule for this month!

March 7th, 2016:

9th grade- PBS Activity- Being On Time
10th grade- Job Hunting
11th grade- Exploring Colleges and Method Test Prep
12th grade- Job Hunting

March 14th, 2016:

9th- SMART GOAL Check-in

10th- Dodgeball Tournament

11th- Post High School Options Day

12th grade- Financial Literacy

DO YOU NEED HELP with academic, personal, or college & career planning?

Click on your counselor's name to book a time with them for assistance.

Fox Neighborhood:

Amy Olson (A-P)

Sherry Lucille (Q-Z)

Rock Neighborhood:

Dan Maloney (A-P)

Sherry Lucille (Q-Z)

Wolf Neighborhood:

Troy Arneson (A-P)

Len Mormino (Q-Z)

Wisconsin Neighborhood:

Joe Hamel (A-P)

Len Mormino (Q-Z)

ELL Students:

Ying Vang

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” Thomas Merton

With course selection upon us, it's important to remember to prioritize balance in our's and our students' lives. To read more on this, CLICK HERE and see the bottom of the web page.


Click here to see clubs that you can choose from at JMM for 2nd semester to get more involved in school! Explore course options and your 4-year plan in Career Cruising with someone at home!


CLICK HERE to see information about Youth Apprenticeship and applying for next year. See your counselor with questions. For our district's Science Research Internship program, click here. Explore course options and your 4-year plan in Career Cruising with someone at home!


Juniors, it's not too late to schedule your academic and career planning conference with your counselor! Find the link to their calendar with their name in the "Do You Need Help" section above. Explore course options and your 4-year plan in Career Cruising with someone at home! After you take the ACT with Memorial on March 1st, you still have time to raise your score by taking it again in April or June. Don't miss the registration deadlines!


Does the College/University you applied to require a Mid-Year Transcript? Check with the schools you applied to for this information. If so, make sure to go to to request a midyear transcript be sent to those campuses. Don't forget to continue working on your FAFSA to help pay for college costs. No plans? See your counselor!

More Learning Opportunities

Memorial 101 Summer Class

Want to learn the habits to succeeding in high school, register for "Memorial 101". For more information, click here, and look for "Memorial 101".