Faith and Begorra!

St. Gabriel School ............March 16, 2016

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St. Patrick's Day DRESS DOWN DAY! March 17, 2016

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Celebrating a Pot of Gold of Wonderful Mass Participation!

Congratulations to ALL the students for demonstrating wonderful participation in our weekly Masses! They have ALL earned a dress down day tomorrow for St. Patrick's Day!

Throughout the last few weeks, our Student Council members organized a special goal to promote increased and more spirit filled participation at our weekly Masses. Teachers observed their students at Mass, and noted their improving participation each week. As participation increased, teachers gave students points, or "nuggets of gold" to celebrate their improvement.

The goal was to accumulate 225 points of gold. Well, students performed not just 225 points showing increased participation, but surpassed that goal to reach 244 points of gold! So, tomorrow, Thursday, St. Patrick's Day, all students may dress down in celebration of this awesome way they put more and more of their hearts and souls into beautiful celebrations of the weekly school liturgies!

Well done Grizzles! And thank you for your leadership, Student Council! And we know that with this being the season of Lent, students were doing this in awareness of the heartfelt praying we are called to do to by Christ. Our Lenten journey of prayer, fasting and giving continues on its beautiful journey!

God bless you Grizzlies, and let us seek to keep growing in this habit of worship and participation in this holiest and most sacred of prayers of our Faith, the Eucharist. Let it change us and help us to be more and more like Jesus in our families, in our school, and in our world today!

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St. Gabriel Catholic Elementary School

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