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December 2016

From Our Principal...

Dear families,

'Tis the season of giving, and we have had lots of opportunities to both give and receive as a community. Our food drives have been very successful thanks to you, we had a WONDERFUL presentation by the NED company who brought a message of

N-Never Give Up

E-Encourage Others

D-Do Your Best

and taught children some cool yo-yo tricks; our Student Leadership Council is up and running with lots of ideas for how to help inside and outside our school; our PTA is continually giving, giving, giving to our students and teachers; and our teachers have given, given, given of their heart and soul, time and talent all year and continue to find new ways to contribute to our community.

We ALSO have an incredible opportunity to gift $25 to 300 different people wanting to start a business to support their family around the world through the Kiva Organization. Some of our students are already doing this, and we anticipate having about 200 left to give. This is open to teachers, students, families, church groups, sports teams. This costs you NOTHING, but gives you the opportunity to teach your children about giving, and to watch us do amazing things as a community through the Kiva Organization. Click here to join our West Terrace team, and invite your friends, families, and neighbors to do so, as well!

I will give a $25 loan through Kiva to the first 200+ people who ask!

Free Kiva Credit!

1. Register for a Kiva account at
2. Click on Lend, choose a Borrower, and click Lend $25.
3.Next to “Support Kiva's Operations,” click Edit and bring the donation to $0.
4. Enter the code Mrs. White sends you in “Have a Kiva Card Code?,” click "Continue & Pay" to use the credit to pay for the loan!

Thank you for taking action to make a difference in someone’s life!

Hoping all is merry and bright for you and yours this holiday season!

Katie White


From Our Counselor...

Needing resources for home? At SparkleBox you can download reward charts, holiday printables, practice sheets and more. Use the reward charts for chores, grades, getting along with siblings, or even attitude. My favorite downloads for this time of year are the Holiday Thank You pages. There are 7 holiday themed printables your child can use to write thank you letters. At Understood you can find resources for dealing with everyday challenges at home and information that may be helpful if your child is struggling in school. As a parent and counselor I’ve found both of these sites to be great resources. Enjoy December!

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Returning to school after illness:

You can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases by keeping your contagious child home from school until he can no longer spread his illness to others. Children should be kept home until they have been fever-free, diarrhea-free, and vomit-free without medication, for 24 hours.


Attend today; achieve tomorrow. #Schooleveryday

All absences are considered "unexcused" unless verified by a doctor or the school. After 10 absences, we are required by law to hold a conference to discuss the child's attendance.


  • As a general rule, if a child is fever free and not vomiting
  • Early bedtimes and a healthy diet will help your child's overall well-being. If a child feels better, he will get up easier and be happier to go to school.
  • 24-Hour rule: If a child has been fever-free or has not vomited for 24 hours, he may return to school.
  • Out of town trips are coded solely as an unexcused absence and an automated call will be made even if the office has been notified.
  • Be sure to turn in all doctor excuses. We can not accept doctor's excuses that state "parent called in. Child not seen."
  • Please note vacation days count as unexcused absences and can quickly get your child to the 10 day limit.


Outdoor recess unless it's below 32 degrees

Please be sure to send your child in appropriate outer wear (coats, gloves, hats, etc...) so that they can enjoy outdoor recess when the weather permits. We will send students outside on days the temperature (with wind chill consideration) is above 32.

Special Events:

December 7 9:00-10:00 D.A.R.E. Graduation

December 8 9:00-10:00 Kindergarten Grandparent’s Day

December 8 6:00-7:00 Kindergarten Program

December 10 8:00-12:00 Breakfast with Santa

December 10 9:00-10:00 Barnes and Noble Choir Performance

December 14 5th Grade Wax Museum

December 15 9:00-10:30 Spelling Bee

December 16 5th Grade Planetarium Field Trip

December 16 1:00-2:00 1st Grade Winter Party

December 20 12:30-1:30 4th Grade Winter Party

December 20 1:00-2:00 5th Grade Winter Party

December 20 1:30-2:30 3rd Grade Winter Party

January 3 1st Day of 2nd Semester

4th and 5th Grade Boys and Girls Game Schedule

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Congratulations to the top walkers:

Cooper Johnson= 30 miles 4 laps

Jayden Folz= 26 miles 3 laps

Nolan Hanmore= 26 miles 3 laps

Isaac Goedde= 20 miles

Caroline Engler= 21 miles 3 laps

Rowyn Weiss= 16 miles 2 laps

Tori Sitzman= 15 miles

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Menus available at the link below

In order to save copy cost; we ask that you click on the link below to see the September menus. If you are unable to access the link, please let the office know and we'll continue to provide a paper copy to you.

Any checks written to the cafe must be in blue or black ink. It is also very helpful if you include your telephone numbers on the checks.

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President: Jenny Fuquay

Vice-President: Sandi Davis

Secretary: Tera Babb

Treasurer: April Coughlin

2016-17 Meetings

August 29 5:30 p.m. (All meetings in the Media Center)

September 20 4:30 p.m.

October 18 4:30 p.m.

November 7 5:30 p.m. (Area Council PTA)

February 13 5:30 p.m.

April 10 5:30 p.m.

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Extended Day Center

We have been getting into the holiday spirit here in the ED Center, from pilgrims to turkeys and much more. More importantly, we have been talking about what we are all thankful for. All the kids agreed that they are thankful for the USI Students coming to our center every Thursday for tutoring. Mrs. Coughlin has coordinated this program for us, and it is a huge success. We truly appreciate her help in pairing up our students with the USI Tutors. We have also been thankful for the mild weather allowing the kids to run off all their pent up energy while utilizing our expansive playground.

We know it won’t last much longer.

We wish the girls and boys basketball teams good luck with their upcoming season and will plan to attend as many games as possible to cheer on our home team.

Happy Holidays from the ED Center Team!

Barbara Grant

ED Center Coordinator

Community Outreach

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Recycling News

Welcome back!! I hope everyone had a great summer! As we begin the new school year, I would like to introduce our new students and remind our returning students about our recycle program here at West Terrace.

Plastic caps-Our school NO LONGER accepts plastic caps for recycling. Thank you for your support in acquiring benches and tables for our property!

Aluminum cans and tabs-We have a collection cage for aluminum cans on the east side parking area, sitting next to the blue dumpster. You can pull up in your car and deposit them in the cage at any time. Send aluminum tabs in with your child to drop in the blue tub located inside school.

Paper, plastic, cardboard, and glass-We collect these items inside the school and you can collect them at home! West Terrace is part of the city recycling program and we have a clearly marked recycle dumpster sitting in the east parking area. You are able to bring your recycle items to school and put them in the dumpster at your convenience!!

Thank you to everyone for teaching our students to be good stewards of Mother Earth,

Mrs. Risley

Click on the link directly below to the West Terrace Website Calendar....


Please help us welcome the following staff members to our teams.

Here are the specific grade level assignments:


Tara Kolb, rm 32

Wendy Brunson, rm 30

Lisa Gooch, rm 33

Angela Hayes, rm 34

First Grade

Amanda Woods, rm 1

Brooke Corressell, rm 3

Mallorie Roberts, rm 6

Cindy Hamon, rm 5

Second Grade

Vera Emmons, rm 9

Carie Kingery, rm 10

Trisha Kavanaugh, rm 15

Amy Nau, rm 12

Third Grade

Janette Allen, rm 16/ Stephanie Scheu, rm 16

Robin Bass, rm 19/ Denise Strawn, rm 18

Amanda Southworth, rm 23

Fourth Grade

Shelly DeWeese, rm 22/ Lindsey Stine, rm 29

Audrey Gower, rm 24/Nikki Paul, rm 23

Fifth Grade

Trish Toelle, rm 26/Renee Schefer, rm 27

Cassie Curl, rm 28/Simone Nance, rm 25

Special Ed


Jennifer Bennett, rm 4

Sarah Walls, rm 2


Renae Jackson, rm 14

Shelley Patton, rm 21

Amanda Ritzert, media center


Susan Kemper, Art, rm 8

Anne Woodruff, Music, rm 7

Peggy Belanger, Gym

Nadine Risley, Technology


Katie White, Principal

Bethany Lynch, Principal Intern

April Coughlin, Counselor

Sheri Moore, Principal's Secretary

Nicole Smith, Secretary/Receptionist

Christine Hamilton, Nurse

Peggy Jewell, Media Aide

West Terrace Elementary School

Katie White, principal

8000 West Terrace Drive

Evansville, IN 47712

FAX (812) 435-8869