poison gas

By Tyler

Poison gas

Poison gas can be really deadly, depending on the type of gas they're using. Here, you'll read about the 4 different types of poison gas used during World War I: chlorine gas, tear gas, mustard gas, and (di)phosgene gas.

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A big field full of poison gas from an attack

ways to protect yourself

There are only two ways (as far as I know.) The two ways to protect tour self are a gas mask, but if they didn't have one, they urinated on cloths and placed it on their mouths to neutralize the effects.

There were two ways to protect yourself from a gas attack. The first was to use a gas mask. If you didn't have a gas mask, you could use a wet piece of cloth (either using water or urine) to breath through to neutralize the effects.

The 4 different types of poison gases and the effects

Chlorine Gas: reacts with the water in your lungs and forms acid causing coughing, vomiting, and irritation to the eyes.

Mustard gas: can damage eyes skin & respiratory tract and causes chemical burns on contact with skin.

Tear Gas: irritates eyes, throat,, mouth and lungs, leading to crying, coughing, and breathing difficulties.

Phosgene & Diphosgene: reacts with protons in the lungs causing suffocation, coughing, breathing difficulties, and irritation to the throat and eyes.