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News and Information about UMS PBIS

PBIS: A Brief Introduction

PBIS is a prevention-oriented framework for supporting all students in our school. School-wide instruction in expected behavior is provided for ALL students by ALL adults. For those roughly 15% of students who need more support to meet expectations, time limited, small group instruction is provided. For those roughly 5% of students who require more, individualized supports are put in place. Students are acknowledged by all staff for meeting expectations using our Unity Dollars. For those students who violate behavioral expectations, a companion disciplinary system is put in place to provide appropriate consequences and reteach expectations. Violations are documented using our ODR and these data are used to improve our framework.

An Invitation to All UMS faculty and staff...

We welcome new team members as well as input from all faculty and staff. Your Team coach is Bob Williams. Other team members include June Vandall, Ellie Smith, Roger Green, Susan Alba, Amy Golding, Max Roy, Bea Soares and our principal, Chris Ehrling
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