Room 25 News

December 2012

Important Dates & Information to Remember...

  • Science Test (multiple choice & short answer) on Electricity: Wednesday, 12/19.

  • Social Studies - Two practical application of skills (projects on iPads replaces chapter assessment). Lessons 1 & 2 Postcard Project due Wed., 12/12. Lessons 3 & 4 Educreations Lesson due Thurs., 12/20.

  • Holiday Break: December 22 - January 6th. School resumes on January 7th. I wish you and your family the happiest of holiday seasons!

  • Monday, January 21 is a school holiday honoring the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


  • Some of your child's grades are visible to you through your parent account on Edmodo. Students submit their weekly science labs, vocabulary popplets, and various other projects there, so check in to see how your child's doing - you can even write them a comment!

  • Make sure you and your child are logging in to Gold Medal Reading and noting the pages your child reads each week - they are working toward receiving a Gold Medal in Reading. Student login: firstlast name (no space), password is four digits. First time logging in? You will need to provide an adult's email address. Be sure to add 150 pages for "Cricket in Times Square," and 138 pages for "Riding Freedom," both are novels we've read in class.

  • Please take a few minutes of time to complete the "Speak Up Survey," an online research project SBSD is participating in. Students & teachers have already given their feedback; we'd love to have parents' input, as well. Click on the following link. Enter California & Solana, then select SSF from the list to begin. Thank you!

  • Thursday, December 13th is Upper Grade (4th - 6th) Science Night with Mr. Kyle at SSF. Please accompany your child from 6:00 - 8:00pm to work on hands-on activities to explore the wonderful world of science!


Students have begun using Google Docs (aka Google Drive) via their iPads (Google Drive APP) and desktop computers in earnest. All work completed in Drive is saved in a cloud, so students can easily work on documents and projects between work and home! We have already had great success starting our Social Studies Ch. 3, Lessons 1 & 2 project: students have worked on notes in class, and created their draft letter from Spain at home. The directions for logging on to Google Docs from any desktop computer are VERY easy!


password: ####solana

Or, download the free App to your tablet! If you have any questions about Google Docs/Drive, please let me know.

Academics & Curriculum


  • Through the end of December, students will not be viewing video lessons on Edmodo. We will resume our video lessons in January.
  • Looking ahead, studies include: Data Collection & Organization, Interpreting Data and Graphs, and Negative Numbers in Graphing (x, y coordinates).


  • We have started Unit 3, "The Power of Words," focusing on how written and spoken words are valuable tools.
  • Students will continue working in their Practice Books, GR & SP packets, and completing Popplets on the Popplet Lite App for their vocabulary practice.
  • Students will continue to be assessed in their comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and spelling skills weekly.


  • I have been teaching various mini-lessons on creating powerful sentences (i.e., using strong verbs, adjectives, and synonyms for common nouns and character names), how to double the who (nouns), and how to turn a sentence into a traveler. Students benefit from daily teacher models of powerful writing, using imagery and literary devices like simile and alliteration, as well as sensory details. I have seen a TON of writing growth in our students! Keep up the great work, and encourage your child to expand their writing using the aforementioned tools!
  • Most recently, students have been working on creating "Opinion" pieces in writing. After reading a piece of literature, students are asked to respond in a multi-paragraph essay, supporting their opinion with facts and details from the story.
  • We will move back in to "Narrative" pieces in the new year.
  • Our state writing assessment for 4th grade is coming up in March!


  • We have concluded our Earth Science lessons, and are now studying Physics - Electromagnetism, to be exact. Chapter 6 Study Guide due THURS., 12/13. TEST on electricity and circuits WED. 12/19.
  • Students use their iPads each week to complete the scientific process during their science labs, then turn in their work electronically using Edmodo. Be sure to check in on your child's grades & progress!


  • We are in the midst of Chapter 3: Spanish Exploration & Missions.
  • In class, students have been using, and will continue to use, their tablets to complete notes, and app-based projects on lessons in Chapter 3 using Google Drive/Docs.
  • Lessons 1 & 2 Postcard Project - postcard about exploration of New Spain & Alta California. Due Wednesday, 12/12. We have gone over the scoring rubric thoroughly; students are to score themselves on their paper RUBRIC before submitting their project to me via email - their grade should be no surprise to them if they've gone through the rubric diligently!
  • Lessons 2 & 3 Educreations Project - create a lesson & voice recording about missions and their effects on the native Americans living in Alta California. Due Thursday, 12/20. Again, students will score themselves on their paper RUBRIC before submitting their project to me via email!