Mary Arrington

Future Librarian Extraordinaire

Top Ten Things to Know About Mary

10. Mary was born in New York.
9. Graduated from Molloy College in New York (Lawng Island to be exact--like my wanna be Long Island accent?)
8. She has lived in many places~ New York, Rhode Island, California, Florida and now lives in Virginia.
7. Spent a great deal of her teaching career as an Early Childhood Teacher.
6. Has two doggies and two kitty cats. Notice in the picture below Mary with her cat Trouble-> not the one on the horse!)
5. Her favorite thing to do in her spare time (HAHAHA--like she has any...) is to go horseback riding!
4. In case it isn't obvious from the two photos, (both with animals) Mary loves animals!
3. Mary just saw Idina Menzel in concert. (Secretly, she wanted to get up and sing with her. Mary was a double major English and Music Major and loves to sing. SHHHH ! Don't tell)
2. Mary loves to read! This is something we have in common. Imagine that, a librarian who loves to read! This must be a first :D !! Mary is currently reading, Under the Dome.
Drum roll please..........
And the number one thing you should know about Mary is-
1. Everyone in Mary's house (4 people, dogs and cats not included) is enrolled in college at the same time! Yikes that is a lot of late night study sessions!
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