How to Start&Run an Online Business

Erasmus+ KA-1 Course

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Course Description

"How to Start and Run an Online Business" is an online course that is organized into 16 different sections to help you understand how to create an online business, even if you don't have any online business experience. From the basics of learning how to choose your market to designing a website and building an online marketing strategy, you will learn what you need to do in order to create an online business that's built to succeed.

You will begin with equipping your office for online success, and then move on to website building, payment processing, online marketing, writing great copy, spreading the word, utilizing online marketing tools, understanding search engine optimization, promoting an online brand, employing affiliates, planning beyond your website, and even handling legal issues before they become issues.

This an essential course for those who have a business idea, but want to move it online instead of into a traditional store. Billions of people around the world now have access to the Internet, making online businesses primed for success.

Each section also includes review assignments and exams to ensure you have learned and mastered the most important concepts. This approach allows you to instantly have the information you need at your fingertips, while also helping you learn learn what you need to understand as your online business grows.

Using the high quality information and resources provided in this course, at class completion you will know how to start a business online, how to grow your online business, and how to secure the future of your online business. So why not join us today?

Target groups

Teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, educational guides and counselors, head teachers/ managers of schools, adult education professionals, parents, other interested person
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Course Lessons (7 days)

DAY 1:

  • Lesson 1. Benefits of Online Work

    By creating an online presence for your business, you create a storefront that is accessible at all times.
  • Lesson 2. Find Your Market

    When you are able to find the ideal niche, you will notice that finding customers is much easier and the customers you find are already interested in buying from you.

DAY 2:

  • Lesson 3. Equipping your Business

    With an online business, your computer is your the access point to your customers.
  • Lesson 4. Modern Website Building

    Building a website is a necessity for your online business.

DAY 3:

  • Lesson 5. Payment Processing, Security, And Shipping

    Once you have a website up and running, you need to have a clear, effective, and SAFE way of handing money online.
  • Lesson 6. Bring Customers to You

    Online marketing is as essential as any marketing you might do for a business, but when it is done online, the results can be far more impressive.

DAY 4:

  • Lesson 7. The Write Stuff

    Your words matter on your website and in your marketing strategies, but there are simple ways to be as effective as possible without having to have a degree in writing.
  • Lesson 8. More Ways to Spread the Word

    It is a good idea to spread the word as much as possible at the beginning of your marketing campaign.

DAY 5:

  • Lesson 9. Marketing Tools for Online Companies

    You need to start looking for ways that you can publicize your online business locally and through simpler methods.
  • Lesson 10. Search Engine Optimization

    If you are not thinking about SEO, your business is missing out on more traffic, more visibility, and more profits.

DAY 6:

  • Lesson 11. Building Your Online Brand

    If you can create a brand for your online business, you will allow others online to instantly think of this message whenever they think of you.
  • Lesson 12. Affiliate Programs to Spread Your Name

    Affiliate programs are programs that help you create a team of people who are boosting the reputation of your company and of your site.
  • Lesson 13. Beyond Your Own Website

    The more that you are in multiple spots online, the more likely it is that a person is going to find you and that they are going to take advantage of the deals that you are offering.

DAY 7:

  • Lesson 14. Legal Issues

    One of the most frequently skipped steps in developing an online business is legal preparation.
  • Lesson 15. The Future of Your Business

    To prepare for the success of your business, you need to think of three things as you continue to grow and to build your company.
  • Lesson 16: Conclusion

    Today, you can become an online entrepreneur - and you will begin your story of success.


  • Gain knowledge, skills, and critical thinking to provide greater value to your company.
  • Grow revenues, streamline costs, and enhance productivity.
  • Broaden your experience and perspective.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive.
  • Learn concepts you can use immediately for the challenges you face in the business world.

Financial conditions

  • The course fee – according to Erasmus+ programme (70 euro/ day), 490 Euro for a 7 days course (without travel)
  • We can provide you very nice and comfortable hotels. All expenses is covered by EU in Erasmus+ School and Erasmus+ Adult project.
  • We can organise cultural activities.

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