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January 29, 2016 - Issue 21

No school for students on Monday!

See you at 7:45 am on Tuesday, February 2nd

LVES students show Citizenship

Next week all kindergarten through fourth grade students are creating Valentine's Day cards for Austin area children who will be in the hospital on Valentine's Day during art classes. What a great way to show citizenship and being a good neighbor to area children who are sick. Way to go Vikings!

District UIL Results are in

Congratulations to all of our UIL participants and coaches! Our students placed in the top 6 in all events last Friday. Here are the results:

  • 2nd Grade Creative Writing: Tori Lee (4th)
  • 2nd Grade Storytelling: Tre Haywood (6th)

  • 3rd Grade Ready Writing: Nick Sosa (1st); Sadie Nash (2nd); Emma Shepherd (5th); Natalie Kercheville (Best Alternate)
  • 3rd Grade Storytelling: Jake Bailey (3rd)
  • 3rd Grade Spelling: Lindsey Richards (2nd); Phoebe Badger (4th)
  • 3rd Grade Music Memory: Phoebe Badger (2nd); Sydney Hiebert (6th)

  • 4th Grade Ready Writing: Ella Higgins (1st)
  • 4th Grade Spelling: Mary Spiers (1st)
  • 4th Grade Oral Reading: Alex Rague (1st); Aaron Holt (4th); Kendall Karg (6th)
  • 4th Grade Number Sense: Zachary Zaleski (2nd); Townsend Wheeler (3rd); Kaius Northcutt (4th)
  • 4th Grade Music Memory: Alex Ryan (1st); Tristen Walter (3rd); Kaius Northcutt (5th)
  • 4th Grade Art: Luca Saldana (1st); Maya Alanis (2nd); Keith Beavers (5th); Johnny Alvarado (Best Alternate)

  • 5th Grade Ready Writing: Sadie Stark (1st); Bella Dreibrodt (2nd); Jillian Jungman (5th)
  • 5th Grade Spelling: Olivia Vincent (Best Alternate)
  • 5th Grade Oral Reading: Jillian Jungman (5th); Andrew Rowin (6th); Liam Panter (Best Alternate)
  • 5th Grade Number Sense: Berend Kahlden (4th); Gage Mayhew (Best Alternate)
  • 5th Grade Listening: Noe Goodwin (5th)
  • 5th Grade Dictionary: Casey Parsons (6th)
  • 5th Grade Maps, Charts and Graphs: Fisher Coffey (3rd)
  • 5th Grade Music Memory: Peyton Stoner (1st); Sadie Kassell (2nd); Sarah Baird (4th); Oden Ruiz (Best Alternate)
  • 5th Grade Art: Fischer Coffey (4th); Bradyn Taylor (5th)

Congratulations also goes to LVMS - they took first place again in the middle school competition!

We will have an awards ceremony for our UIL participants once we receive the medals, so be on the lookout for the date in the near future.

Spring GT Referrals and Kindergarten Screening

Each year Lago Vista ISD evaluates all kindergarteners to identify students for the Gifted and Talented program. During this screening process, with your consent, your child will complete one or more assessments. These assessments will be administered at school during the next few weeks, and will provide us with multiple measures of ability, creativity, and academic aptitude. Please check your child’s Friday folder for the consent form and return to Heather Womack, GT Facilitator, by Tuesday, February 2nd. If you signed a consent form when you registered your child for kindergarten, you do not need to sign a new consent form. The spring referral window for students in grades 1-12 is now open. Please visit the Curriculum and Instruction page on the district website, or click on the link below, for the referral form. All referral forms are due February 2nd.

Student Information Sheet

Please check your child's Friday folder today for a student information sheet. If you are new to LVES this school year, then you already filled this sheet out when you registered and do not need to fill out another one. Please fill out and return the form to the front office as soon as possible.

Father/Daughter Dance - February 19th

Tickets are on sale now for the Father/Daughter Dance on February 19th. Our own Mr. Holt will be the DJ! Check your child's Friday folder for ticket information.
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LVISD Monthly Character Trait...

January's Character Trait is Citizenship - Do your share to make your school and community better. Cooperate. Get involved in your community. Stay informed. Be a good neighbor. Obey laws and rules. Respect authority. Protect the environment. Volunteer.

How are you showing Citizenship? Read the Counselor's Corner to find out what students are learning about citizenship with Ms. Box.

Counselor's Corner

Classes have been learning how to be a good citizen this month. We have had great discussions about how we can each do our part to make our home, school, and community a better place to live. We have also discussed different outcomes for the future if we don’t do our part to make the world a better place. The kids have come up with the following cute examples of how they plan to do their part: older kids could read to a younger kid or help them with their work, recycle every day, keep the trees so animals will have a place to live, pick up all the trash in the neighborhood, help your teachers, listen to your teachers so you can learn, give your toys and clothes to another kid that may not have much, and respect police officers, your parents, and teachers. The kids have done a great job this month and have promised to be good citizens.

Marvelous Mathematician Winners

Here are the Marvelous Mathematician winners:

  • Kindergarten: Macer Ballard (Erwin)
  • 1st Grade: Lanee Arredondo (Ballard)
  • 2nd Grade: Morgan Donahe (Jimenez)
  • 3rd Grade: Kira Stasko (Holleyman)
  • 4th Grade: Cody Cleaver (Henderson)

Marvelous Mathematician problems are sent home every Friday in Friday folders.

Watch DOGS

We have no Watch DOGs scheduled for next week. Watch DOGs will be back on campus February 8-12.

Weekly Attendance Rate

Our attendance rate for the week of January 28th:

  • 95%

Remember our weekly goal is 97%, so please make sure that your child is at school everyday from 7:45-2:45.

Need Help?

Transportation Changes and Student Sign-out:

Christine Harris, Administrative Assistant

Registration and Attendance:

Veronica Fidencio, Registrar/Attendance Clerk

Student Emotional Support:

Kim Box, Counselor

Student Health:

Gina Carmichael, School Nurse

Discipline and School Improvement:

Michelle Jackson, Principal

Eric Holt, Assistant Principal

Upcoming Events

  • February 1st - Staff Development, No School for Students
  • February 9th - LVES Family Fun Night at PDQ, 4-9 pm
  • February 10th - DEIC Meeting, 6-8 pm in Viking Hall
  • February 15th - School Holiday for Students and Staff
  • February 19th - Daddy/Daughter Dance, 7-9 pm in LVES Gym
  • February 23rd - Lucas Miller Show