The Llano Uplift

By;Leslie Santiago

The Llano Uplift is located in the eastern region of the Edwards Plateau and northern region of the Texas Hill Country.The Texas Hill Country is home to very diverse wildlife communities, containing at least 407 game and nongame species, including animals like bobcats, rabbits, turtles and migratory songbirds. The Hill Country is also well known for its deer population as it supports the largest white-tailed deer population in the state.In addition to these popular game species, the region, with its unique ecosystem, is also home to a host of rare plants and animals found nowhere else on earth.

Enchanted Rock State Park- things to do

Visitors can enjoy primitive backpacking, camping, hiking, technical rock climbing, picnicking, geological study, bird watching, and star gazing (minimal light pollution). Remember, at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, do not disturb plant or animal life, geological features, or Indian or historical artifacts. These park resources are protected by law! Bring your own firewood. Rock climbers must check in at headquarters; route maps and climbing rules are available. There is no swimming allowed in the Natural Area.

Other Area Attractions

Other nearby parks in this scenic area include Pedernales Falls State Park,Blanco State Park,Guadalupe River State Park,Kerrvill SchreinerPark,Inks State Park,and much more


The Llano River has roots that grow by the side that cause rock to fall in the river.


The water from the Llano River causes rock to wear away.


The Llano River picks up rock and deposits it at a new location.