International Day of Peace

September 21, 2013

"If we are to reach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with the children."

- Mahatma Gandhi

The International Day of Peace was first celebrated in 1982 to promote the ideals of peace and give positive evidence of the United Nations' commitment to peace. Each year, "Peace Day" continues to provide an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date.

In recognition and celebration of Peace Day 2013 at ISS, Kindergarten 1 has planned a performance and will share some resources and activities that can be enjoyed during the week of September 16-20, 2013.

We hope to celebrate and reflect on Peace Day in a way that is appropriate to all age levels. We propose the following central idea which can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on your grade level:

Peace begins with me. My peaceful words and actions help me to form relationships and make and keep friends.

We invite you to . . .

  1. Attend our assembly presentation on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 18 where we will present our "Peace is" art and sing a song.
  2. Borrow one of the peace-themed children's books that will be available outside of the K1 classrooms.
  3. Make a contribution to The ISS Elementary School Peace Book using the materials provided in your teacher pigeon hole. This can be a drawing, a message (pledge, poem, song) or other writing piece. You are also welcome to contribute photographs representing peaceful actions and interactions which can be emailed to Karla ( and/or Alison ( Hard copy contributions can be placed in the basket outside of the K1 classrooms. Please note that Alison and Karla will compile contributions and create the book for sharing once Peace Day has concluded.
  4. Explore any of the following websites (especially for G3-5):