Small People Are The Same

Stockton Haslem period 4/5

Development of Theme Analysis

In this book it shows that the characters and conflict make the theme. I think this because the characters are a very important part of the book. The conflict shows that people don't treat Freak and Max the same as others. The characters are important because they are the ones that talk a lot in the book. Without Freak and Max the book wouldn't be as good of a book. A couple of examples are: "bionics, please don't make me look it up in the dictionary", another one that freak says is " a human robot" the last one is " you want to be the first to get bionics, isnt it dangerous. These examples explain there lifestyle.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I think this theme is okay. It is not a bad theme. I just think that it could be better. I think the author developed it pretty well. He could have done better. People get made fun of for ther looks and height. I think that if people get bullied the should get a week off of school and get 100%on all assingments and tests. People also get bullied for being less inteligent than others. I think that bullying is a terriblr thing and should never happen.


Freak and Max meet and Max thinks that freak is weird. They meet again and become friends. They go on "adventures". One is to the hospital. Freak thinks he is getting a bionic body. On his birthday he had a seizure. He was doing good for a while. But then he dies because his heart was too big for his body. Then Max had to learn how to go to school without Freak.