The Native Americans Worst Nightmare

Slaughtered Thousands of Native Americans

During the War of 1812 Andrew Jackson was tasked with killing the Native Americans. And he killed them By the thousands. He would go into Native American camps and kill everyone. Not just the men but the elderly and the women and children. He brutally slaughtered ever single Native American he came across.

Worcester v. Georgia

Since Andrew Jackson was forcing the Native Americans off their land, the Native Americans went to the Supreme Court. The ruling was that the government had right to fire the Native Americans off their land. Andrew Jackson really wanted that land so he just ignored the ruling and continued to force the Native Americans off their land anyways.

Spoils System

Andrew Jackson wanted to be the president so bad that he was willing to put unqualified people into important government jobs. He said that if people would vote for him then he would give them a spot in the government even if there were more qualified people to do the job.

Political Cartoon

This is a picture of Andrew Jackson defeating the National Bank one of the only good things he did during his presidency. But the way he did it was by abusing his powers and lying. Andrew Jackson had money that was supposed to go to the National Banks rerouted and go to different State Banks.