Canada VS Unites States of America

Cooper Corcoran

Canada uses the Metric System

The United states is one of three countries to not use the metric system. The other two are Liberia and Myanmar. It's better to use the metric system because you don't have to convert all measurements if you were to travel to another country or communicate with a foreigner. The measurements would include speed limits, temperature, and many others but those are a couple most people don't think of.
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No Paid Maternity Leave in United States

The Unites States is one of five countries in the world that does not offer any form of paid maternity leave. Canada obviously is not one of the remaining four. How in any way shape or form in unpaid maternity leave better than paid?
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Life Expectancy

According to, as of 2015, Canada's life expectancy was 81.76, ranked at number 18 worldwide, and the United States was 79.68, ranked number 43 worldwide.

Canada Is More Peaceful

According to the Global Peace Index, as of 2015, Canada ranks 7th overall in the world for peacefulness and the United States was ranked 94th. The global peace index is based off of level of safety and security, extent of domestic and international conflict, and degree of militarization.
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Canada Has More Economic Freedom

The Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom ranks Canada 6th overall, while the United States is ranked 10th. Economic freedom is the freedom to choose how to produce, sell, and use your own resources.

Canada Has a Lower Youth Unemployment Rate

Canada's youth unemployment rate is 13.5 percent, while the United States is 16.8 percent. Again, this is YOUTH unemployment rate.
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Canada's Marriages Last Longer

For every 1,000 population in the United States, 3.6 marriages end in divorce, while in Canada, only 2.1 end in divorce.
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Canada Has A Better Quality of Life

Canada is ranked number one for quality of life, and The United States 14th. This statistic is based off of several statistics, a few being safety, family friendly, education system and income equality.
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