Earth Movement

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Moving Around Space.

You can do a lot in one second. When you're doing those things you're racing around the sun. It takes 365 days to revolve around the sun. The earth's revolution is what causes the seasons to change.

everything changes

Everything changes in the world. You change, your family changes, every day the world around you changes, even the world changes. mountains change by getting bigger or getting smaller even glaciers go from being big to completely disappearing.

The rock cycle

The crust on the top of dirt or surface of the earth is mostly covered with sediment and sedimentary rock. Sediment is pieces of rock ,Minerals,shells. sedimentary rock is on the top layer of sand and dirt. Sedimentary rock is close to magma/lava in the desert.

Vocabulary Words

Minerals: Like rocks and minerals its just rock and bones

Weathering: When it moves rocks minerals and dirt

Erosion: Like weathering it moves rocks plants, grass and dirt

Revolution: Spinning around the earth or sun in space