Segway Tours Prague

Make Your Dream Tours of Prague on a Segway.

Segway Tours Prague is a wonderful idea to have during your vacations. People all over the World gather here to get entertained, learn and relax. The Prague is an ancient city displaying many ancient building, monuments and histories. The river Vltava is the witness of all the revolution and evolution of dynasties and civilizations and modernization till today. The river Vltava flows by the city and is very famous. The river has island on it known as the Kampa Island. The kampa Island had been declared as the most beautiful and romantic Island. Although the Island is an artificial Island but it is beautiful with gardens, structured streets and so on. There are bars, restaurants. The evening is lighted with golden lights and thus the most romantic places on Prague. The Climate and weather in Prague is suitable for tourists to visit here every seasons of the year. The rich culture and tradition are admired all over the World. The art and crafts, literature, architecture all are the real assets of Prague. The Natural beauty, clean well maintained city is a topic to admire.

While Segway tours Prague, you get to visit very interesting places in Prague. The Dancing House, it is nicked named as Fred and Ginger. This building was built in 1992 and it is deconstructivism. The Jewish Quarter also known as Josefov . This place is located between the Old Town Square and Vltava River. The existence of this quarter is since 13th century. It was when Jewish were asked to vacate from their homes and settle in the quarter. Over centuries they were banned to live in anywhere in beautiful Prague. The Czech is fortunate enough to retain valuable buildings and monuments even after so many revolutions and historical pasts. Your segway tours Prague will help you find your ultimate happiness.

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