Journalism Final

By: Sydney Richard

My Year at FM9

This year at FM9 was filled with stress, newly found confidence, and fun. I met many new friends, learned a lot of new things, and above all had a wonderful learning atmosphere. I will miss FM9 next year when I have to go to the main campus. Throughout the year my friends and I have made countless memories that will last a lifetime. I can't wait to make new memories next year as well.

My favorite thing that I experienced this year were all of the sport games I attended with my friends. Football season was my favorite because it really brought everyone out to the field to cheer on our Jags. The band, rosettes, color guard, and the cheerleaders made the half time shows amazing. They really pumped up the crowd and made everything really exciting. The basketball games were really fun too, especially since I knew people on the teams. My friends and I would stay after school to cheer on our friend Ethan who played on the A team freshman basketball team. It was so much fun watching him play. Often times after his games, we would all walk over to the arena and watch the boys varsity game together.

The things I will miss most about FM9 is the atmosphere and my two favorite teachers. FM9 provided a relaxing, high-tech, and friendly work space for all of the students to enjoy. Many of the seats provided plugs to charge your technology and they were also very comfortable to sit in. All of my classes have used the space outside of the classrooms to our advantage. In AP Humanities, we used the white boards to brainstorm story ideas for a group project. Mrs. Killough also set up many activities for our class to enjoy. I will also miss how modern the FM9 campus looks compared to the main campus. I think it will be challenging for all the FM9 students to adapt to the main campus considering it is really old, and it doesn't have all the advantages that we do now. Above all, I will miss my two favorite teachers, Mrs. Killough and Mr. Murdock. These two teachers made my AP Humanities and Algebra classes so much more enjoyable. Mrs. Killough shared countless inside jokes with the entire class, and Mr. Murdock never failed to make everyone laugh. They both made me enjoy what I was learning and put a smile on my face every single day.In all, I have had an amazing year at FM9 and I hope the future generations will continue the legacy.

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