Fallen Angels

by: Walter Dean Myers

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The Real Story

Richie Perry is from Harlem, New York. He wanted to play basketball in college but he got hurt so he enlisted in the army. While in the army he paid for his little brother Kenny to play basketball. He had to kill somebody just to save his life and somebody else. He had to go through a lot during the war but he finally made it and went home but as different person.

The Real Reason

"My plans, maybe just my dreams really, had been to go to college, and to write. . . . All the other guys in the neighborhood thought I was going to college. I wasn't, and the army was the place I was going to get away from all the questions."

A True Friend Is Gone

Richie's friend Judy dies in the hospital. They meet on the airplane going to Vietnam. They were separated on different patrols. He felt like they were really close. She died at the hospital because of a bomb.

Struggles of a Young Black Solider

Richie was a young black man from Harlem, New York. After a injury during basketball he decided to enlist in the Army. He was sent off to fight in the Vietnam War. After witnessing many deaths, racism, and suicides, Richie struggles to survive the war and return home to his family.

Why did we go into the Vietnam War?

Why did so many soldiers die?

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Fallen Angels

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