Jewish Life In Europe

By: Jenna and Brooke

Central Idea

In Eastern Europe before the holocaust, Jews lived a much different life because they could express their annual traditions and their religion and were free to live how they wanted.

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Supporting Detail #1

"Many of the Jews of eastern Europe lived in predominantly Jewish towns or villages, called shtetls."

Supporting Detail #2

"They read Yiddish books, and attended Yiddish theater and movies."

Supporting Detail #3

"Although many younger Jews in larger towns were beginning to adopt modern ways and dress, older people often dressed traditionally, the men wearing hats or caps, and the women modestly covering their hair with wigs or kerchiefs."

Supporting Detail #4

"Jews could be found in all walks of life, as farmers, tailors, seamstresses, factory hands, accountants, doctors, teachers, and small-business owners."

Facts about Jewish Life in Europe

  • Nine million Jews lived in Europe before the war started, that wasn't quite true once the holocaust came along.
  • Jews lived in towns called shtelts.

Question: Do you think that life before the holocaust was as free as we are today or do you think they still had limitations?