Milton Hershey

By Emily Nelson Period: D

Milton Hershey


  • creative confectioner for a Chocolate Company

  • fulfilled with the most successful chocolate company in the 1900’s to present time now

  • coordinated at a head office of the company or the production of making the chocolate

Personal Information

  • Born: September 13, 1945, Dauphin City, Pennsylvania U.S.

  • Other On 1898 married Catherine Elizabeth “Kitty” died in 1909

  • Points of Personality: intelligent, inventive, and hard working


  • dropped out after 4 years of elementary school

  • participated and studied in Milk Chocolate in Europe

  • observed chocolate rolling machines from a company in Germany

  • invested in the machine, he went on and started his company.

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Professional Experiences:

  • devoted time apprenticing at a candy and ice cream shop from 1872-1876

  • investing the money Milton and his partner Joseph H. Royer created delicious taffy and caramels which lasted for 6 years at 19 years old

  • managed with my father in Denver for a short period of time at a chocolate company

  • transferred to Chicago which then generated a business which then lead to failure

  • operated for Huyler and Company which was presented Hershey’s Fine Candies but lost the candy machines and the price on sugar had increased in 1883

  • triumphed with partner William Henry Lebkicher making “Hershey’s Crystal A” caramels, worked at Lancaster Caramel at the time and made one million dollars

  • exceeded caramel the money went to making the company known today as Hershey Chocolate Company in Chicago which they made 114 kinds of chocolates in 1894

  • constructed more than 10 years which constructed housing, shops, schools, cars, etc for his workers who would stay in the town.

  • invested land in Cuba for sugar for chocolate

  • funded a school for the orphaned boys in 1909


  • Joseph H, Royer (old Business partner)

  • William Henry Lebkicher (later partner)