Perks of Being a Wallflower

By: Stephen Chbosky

About the novel...

Perks of Being a Wallflower is mostly about how a young boy surviving high school. A teenage boy named Charlie, who is battling his emotions alone, is trying to understand society and why some people do the things they do. This novel will make you keep flipping the pages because it leaves you wanting more and to learn more about Charlie's story.


The main character Charlie is the protagonist. He's the protagonist because he's a Wallflower, and he cares about everything. A wallflower is a person who sees and knows everyone, but does not say anything. The antagonist would be Jay, the star quarter back football player who wants to fight Charlie because Jay's crush doesn't like him, she likes Charlie.


This book can connect to many teenagers because it's all about crushes, dealing with emotions and understanding reality.

Ancient Literature and Modern Literature

The greek god in this story or, hero is Sam. She saves Charlie by realizing there is much more to life than being sad and living in the shadows of people. She shows him what love really is and how to be happier. Charlie is also a hero by helping out everyone he possibly can. Perks of Being a Wallflower can also connect to Pyramus and Thisbe. Pyramus and Thisbe was about two young lovers that aren't allowed to be together but their love is stronger than anything. Charlie is in love with Sam, but she doesn't love him. They can't be together either because Charlie is a sophmore and Sam's a senior, even though in reality it wouldn't matter, but Sam thinks it'd be weird if they did ever date. Charlie realizes his love for her can help him overcome his social disorder and his sadness because it's stronger than the things around him. Another connection to modern and ancient literature would be how Charlie's auntie dying, just like most God's can. The death of his Auntie is the reason why he suffers depression.


I'd rate this book a 9 because it's a really inspiring, emotional story that can touch hearts of many. It's not like any book, its unique and ordinary