The Funding Source Syracuse

The Funding Source in Syracuse Gives Back

The Funding Source Syracuse

Phil LaTessa is a successful and highly determined business figure who has achieved a number of accomplishments within both the mortgage banking and real estate sectors. He started The Funding Source, LLC in Syracuse as a prominent mortgage banking company that started as a small mortgage broker and branched out to become a full-fledged mortgage banking entity that operates in multiple states. The success that The Funding Source achieved enabled LaTessa to open up a few more companies in his field: Weichert, First Residential Group, Greatwood Appraisal Network and Greatwood Property Management.

The Funding Source of Syracuse: A Starting Point for Success

In 1996, entrepreneur Philip LaTessa opened up a small mortgage broker in Syracuse and quickly grew into a full-fledged mortgage banker that now operates in multiple branches across New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Missouri.

Through the success that Phil LaTessa gained from opening the Funding Source in Syracuse, he was enabled to do more with his business expertise. He ventured into other business endeavors by starting Weichert, First Residential Group in 2002. Within three years, the group started from nothing and had become among the top five in real estate companies in the region within three years.

The achievement of Weichert, First Real Estate encouraged Mr. LaTessa to continue taking on new challenges. He then went on to open Greatwood Properties, a group of property management companies that included services in appraisal, titles and general residential management. He appropriately names these branch companies Greatwood Property Management, Greatwood Title and Abstract and Greatwood Appraisal.

While all of this was going on, the growth of the Funding Source expanded from Syracuse to branches in other states. Each one of them exemplified not only their founder’s business excellence but also his dedication to community. That’s why The Funding Source because known for their outreach efforts in their respected communities, helping families of that area gain a heightened quality of life through house painting projects, food drives and generous holiday donations. The Funding Source was not only Phil LaTessa’s first business endeavor, but it was also the way he would later expand into other industries while also increasing their benefit to the communities that surround them.

The Funding Source Syracuse: Growth in Mortgage Banking

The Funding Source Syracuse was the first business opening of Phil LaTessa, a well-accomplished and highly successful business professional who is currently working within the mortgage banking and real estate industries. He started the company in 1996, which has been a success of its own in the mortgage banking industry. The group gives prospective homeowners the opportunity to find and finance an affordable home that suits all of their needs. Within the first five years of owning the business, it expanded and grew to become a fully-licensed mortgage banking group with branches operating in Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

The success of The Funding Source Syracuse enabled LaTessa to diversify in his endeavors and open Greatwood Appraisal Network, Greatwood Property Management and Weichert, First Residential Group. All of these companies thrived through his dedication to excellence and commitment to becoming a powerful figure in his field.

With all of the success he has enjoyed in his field, Phil LaTessa now uses his talents and resources to help better the lives of others in his community through The Funding Source. They are a group that practices philanthropy through offering painting services to low-income family homes, nutritious meals to hungry families and Christmas presents to those who struggle throughout the holidays. Not only is Mr. LaTessa a smart and successful businessman, but he is also someone who appreciates the value of having the others around you enjoy a heightened quality of life that works congruently with your personal success.