2016 Wagga Wagga Health Expo

Uni Students

In this years Health Expo we will be targeting University Students and how they are limited to the amount of physical activity that they can participate in on a day to day basic.

Lead an active lifestyle!

Quite often, university students don't think of, or consider including physical education in their day to day lives. Most of them think that it is just about study and homework and more study, but the truth is that everyone needs to participate in physical activities now and then. But there are many restrictions to doing physical activity inside of a university environment.

Restriction to doing physical activity

University students have many boundaries that they must cross to participate in physical activities. Lack of time from study, working and social activities really stops a student from participating in sporting activities. Having a job enables you to make money but it also further stipulates your time. But you need money to play a sport and it's difficult do both. Some universities really encourage sporting programme's and activities but some don't have many sporting facilities or opportunities.

Benefits to doing physical activity

Physical activity is very important for balancing an individuals life especially for a uni student. It will stimulate the brain, helping them to study and improve your ability to retain information. Exercise also boosts the mood and relieves stress which is a major factor affecting university student across the country. To sum it up, there are really no negative effects from doing physical activity, even if it is only on a weekly basis.

How to get involved

A university student can get onto the sporting field, court or pool in many way. I student can sign up for a school team of a sport that they enjoy, or they can play after school on an out of school sporting team. Personal exercise is great for pushing yourself to your physical prime and gyms are great for exercising too.

Thank you for attending the Wagga Wagga Health Expo 2016