Water Pollution

By Allen and Emmanuel

the issue of water pollution

the issue is that a lot of large bodies of water are being polluted with trash people throw in the water or trash that is carried from the wind.Not only is it a problem for us humans but it is also a problem for any fish or wildlife that live in the water.
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history of water pollution

water is under assault from numerous types of pollution.For centuries, humans "unknowingly" contaminated sources of drinking water with raw sewage,which led to diseases such as cholera and typhoid.According to a CNN report one gram of human excrement contains approximately 10 million viruses,1 million bacteria,and 100 parasite eggs today over 1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe water and every 15 seconds somewhere on the planet a child dies from a water related disease.
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organizations involved with water pollution

these organizations are helping in the fight to stop water pollution.

world nature organization,freshwater society,clear water initiative,and H20 for life.

what is being done to help stop water pollution?

water pollution is being stopped in a number of ways. large companies are no longer allowed to pump chemicals into natural water supplies,and heavy taxes been imposed, companies no longer dump their waste into natural water supplies. water treatment is another way to destroy pollutants that are in the water.

what does water pollution impact?

Not only does water pollution impact humans but it also impacts animals and just about every other living organism, everyone and everything needs water in order to survive or else little by little everything will start to die from all the pollutants that are in our water supply.Plastics are a very large problem from a pollution standpoint because animals can accidentally swallow the plastic and choke or for example a turtle can get it neck stuck in the plastic that was made for holding a six pack of a certain type of beverage.

my opinion on water pollution

i think that there should be more done to prevent this problem from happening more often. To me i feel like theres not enough being done in order to stop this problem, sooner or later i feel clean water will become more scarce because of all the pollution we are causing.
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