Being a Sports Equipment Designer

By: Dalton Berndt Reviewed by: Greg T.

-What a person in this career does in detail

Designs or tests the latest sports equipment or for major companies to make the latest innovation to an already amazing product and gets to work with some of the worlds most famous athletes in either working with them on their personal brand or customize their equipment to their liking. Like Mcgraww Hill (As seen on right) who got to tour with Phil Mickleson and got to customize his golf clubs.

-Why you chose this career

Because I enjoy sports and I know the equipment you use does have a large effect on your performance and I want to be part of the reason that you are the team on top. I know that I would be good at this job because I know what a athlete wants from his/her gear or equipment.

Experience or skills needed in this job

What branch of Science does this career fall under?

Physical because in some shoes or equipment need to be lightweight or have more friction or less friction or custom support systems.

Something interesting about this career

You allowed just to think and brainstorm the next big thing in sports design. And to innovate an amazing product and be the guy who helped this athlete be on top.

-Education needed to obtain this career (Associate/Bachelor/Masters/Special Schooling):

You need a bachelors degree or better