Every day is a step

I started a blog!

The purpose of newsletters like this one is to give you the chance to hear what we're up to, and participate with us in prayer, mutual encouragement, and other things. But my goal is to keep these short, concise, and readable. But for those of you who are interested in more detail and depth, I've started a blog where we can write at more length. If you're interested, find it here: http://tonyandsarahb.weebly.com/

I started a quote book on there as well, for anyone who is interested in the esoteric wisdom compiled in the filing cabinets at the back of my brain, the fruit of years of adventuresome reading. Sarah has started a blog as well. All this can be found at the link above.

The Mountain

Every day of this season of preparation feels like a step forward. We are progressing in preparing ourselves mentally, in sharing our journey with our sending churches, in inviting people onto our team, in getting the training and resources we need. Most of the time I feel like I have my eyes on the next couple steps, but always there at the top of my vision is our goal -- Panama. It looms like a mountain, overlooking everything between us and it, calling us forward. It is simultaneously daunting and inspiring.

Thanks to all of you who have been encouraging us in our steps. We feel you with us. You are part of our team. I hope you see us as part of your team as well. We're interested in the journey you are on too, and how we can be involved in it.

Pray for us this week:

-- As we share our story, that people would be encouraged by what God is doing.

-- That we would find the right people to join our Missionary Advocate Team (to help us launch, and help us stay connected to our supporters once we're in the field).

-- That we would continue learning to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministry.


Tony, Sarah, Violet and Rosie

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