1900 Galveston Hurricane

Jb Wright & Morgan Washington

Event Description

The morning of September 18, 1900 , the Galveston hurricane hit Galveston Texas . The hurricane came to shore bring a huge storm surge with it. It was a category 4 hurricane. The estimated winds were 145 miles per hour

Ecological Impact

The estimated people died 6,000 - 12,000. Alot of people had to rebuild their houses and their businesses . The population of Galveston greatly decreased. Destruction of the bridges to the Mainland and the telephones , so nobody knew in the mainland

Restoration Efforts

It took 5 years to repair the town. Workers set out by rail and ship to Galveston immediately. The people who survived set up a temporary shelter in Surplus U.S Army tent along the shore. For future storms , they build a 3 mile seawall so the water wont go over.