A Needle in a Haystack

Mrs. Barbaric's Class, Period 7

Luba is my grandmother. She is a caring, loving person who has preservered through moments no one else wished happened to them. She lost her mother very young and she had to take over her mother's role. Luba lived in Russia; the times there were poor. Though many have survived through similar situations, they might not realize how important this means to everyone else. Without Luba's willingness to help the family, they might've not had much success. Please, read further to find out about true heroes and more.
Hero Interview

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What Does it Mean to be a True Hero?

"Hero: 'a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities' (Merriam Webster Dictionary). Most people think a hero would be a firefighter, saving lives and bravely dashing through the vicious flames of the growing fire. However, in reality, a hero is much more than one with 'fine qualities.' A hero is a person who impacted the lives of others. They are worth trusting when any problem occurs and would help you regardless of the conditions. Most importantly, they are loyal. A hero would do anything to help you in an important situation you have stumbled upon."

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The True Heroes

Definition Essay

Close Yet So Far Away

"Though as average as an apple in an orchard, Rosa Parks has made a difference like no one has before. Through her acts of withstanding, she had made a bigger impact than anyone else who has tried the same. Thorough, yet encumbered, she has maneuvered her way through segregation, discrimination, and hostility. The famous African American who had stood up for her rights and proclaimed, 'The only tired I was, was tired of giving in.' These words have motivated thousands of discriminated individuals who struggled to successfully charge a boycott against what they thought was wrong. This is Rosa Parks: a motivated individual whose bravery changed millions. She is a hero because she inspired others to stand up for themselves and persevered through the hostile moments."

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The Hero You Cannot Touch

Untouchable Hero Essay

When Are You Considered Bilingual?

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Research of Bilingualism

Hero Research Essay


Our fate has its way,

And there comes another day.

Waiting for a sign.

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