May 13, 2023


This week, both the band and choir students had an opportunity to shine in their annual spring concerts.

On Wednesday night, the 6th , 7th, 8th grade bands and jazz bands performed tunes such as, "Embark," "Windsong," "Crystal Moon," & "In the Mood."

On Thursday, the choirs from each grade and the Northern Lights Show Choir entertained the audience with songs like "Rise Up," "Into the Unknown," and "Radioactive." There were also several solo performances!

Thank you to our music students as well as our band director, Ms. Cline and our choir teacher, Ms. Crowley for all of your hard work! What an entertaining couple of nights!


Next week, we are looking forward to several events!

May 16th (Tuesday) 8th graders attending Spring Mills High School next year are invited to attend "SMHS Step Up Day," an opportunity to our their new school. This will take place in the morning followed by our Mini Relay-for-Life event in the afternoon for all grades! Students will play carnival games ($1 per game), walk the track, and listen to a cancer survivor tell their story. All money raised will go to the American Cancer Society. Students are encouraged to bring money for carnival games and to purchase a cold treat from the Kona Ice truck during their walk around the track!

May 18th (Thursday) is a big day for the 8th grade! In the morning, 8th graders will turn in their Chromebooks. These devices MUST be turned in before summer break to avoid a $250 charge! In the evening, 8th graders are invited to the 8th Grade Dance from 5-7pm! Tickets & food at the dance are FREE; bring $2 if you want to get your picture taken.

May 19th (Friday) the 6th & 7th grade classes will have their 4th nine weeks award ceremonies. Parents are by invitation only (you'll be notified if your child is receiving an award).

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The end of the year brings many celebratory activities for the 8th grade. The 8th grade teachers would like everyone to be allowed to participate, so they are taking this opportunity to remind students and parents that participation in these activities must be EARNED.

Any student who has out-of-school-suspension during the 4th nine weeks (March 13th & after) will NOT be invited to the end-of-year 8th grade activities.

Check out the information below for details about the 8th grade events!

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From 5-8pm on June 8, 2023, FREE SPORTS PHYSICALS will be available at the Dorothy McCormick Center. Save this date on your calendar! More details will be available as the date grows closer!

Cheerleaders interested in SPRING and/ or SUMMER conditioning, check out the flyer below! There is also an information meeting for 2023-2024 NMS Cheer on May 17th! Check out the advertisement below!

Upward Bound is a program for incoming 9th graders at our four Berkeley County high schools. If you are a current 8th grader, check out the flyer below!

Hedgesville High School is having a parent/ player soccer meeting for students interested in trying out this fall on May 21st at 8pm in the big Gym at HHS.

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Upward Bound (UB) has been funded by the U. S. Department of Education since 1965. Serving students who are historically underrepresented in higher education, UB offers skill building to students to help them achieve success in high school and in their post-secondary pursuits. The program is de-signed to help students gain academic skills, exposure to cultural activities, and information about college-going processes. The ultimate goal of the process is to help students transition from high school to college and to ensure that students are aware of opportunities available for them after high school. All services provided by UB are free to all students enrolled in the program.

Who is eligible for the Shepherd University Upward Bound Program?

Shepherd’s Upward Bound participants must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident

Students must also meet one of two eligibility criteria: Income eligibility as outlined by the U. S. Department of Education


A potential first-generation college student (First-generation refers to neither parent has completed a four-year college degree)

The Upward Bound Program is available to high school students (Rising 9th grade - 12th grade) who attend one of four high schools in Berkeley County Public Schools:

Hedgesville High School

Martinsburg High School

Musselman High School

Spring Mills High School

For more information, click the link below for their brochure or see Ms. Jackson, our guidance counselor.


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STS Summer Camp is open to girls ages 11-15 in Jefferson County and Berkeley County West Virginia. We will cover a variety of topics including anti-bullying, healthy friendships, self-esteem and more! Plus, enjoy daily fun summer activities and meet new friends!

Location- Martinsburg West Virginia. Location details and schedule provided upon registration.

This is a FREE Day Summer Camp Program. Limited spots are available!

July 5th-July 21st

9am-4pm Monday-Friday

*Drop off begins at 8am

For more information, click the link below!


Eighth grade parents, this one is for you! It’s natural to want to step back and give your teen more space as they start high school. You don’t want to be the dreaded "helicopter parent," hovering over your teen’s every move, or the “snowplow parent,” constantly removing obstacles, so your teen never learns how to fend for themselves and become a responsible adult. But at the same time, there needs to be balance. In moving from middle school to high school, many kids discover that school is a larger, more competitive, less personal environment than in the past.

In the first year of high school, your teen is going to face:

  • Bigger academic challenges than ever before—most students are still trying to make up for lost ground from the COVID years.
  • New levels of pressure and stress, which may include academic and social stress.
  • Independent choices about whether to engage in risky behaviors (such as drinking and drugs) that could have a lasting impact.
  • And taking the last few years into consideration, there is the concern that the rates of anxiety and depression are higher as students dealt with/are dealing with the trauma of COVID.

YOUR 9TH GRADER STILL NEEDS YOU! 9th grade is a pivotal academic year.

Research shows that:

  • Your teen’s grade point average (GPA) in grade 9 can be a major predictor of their overall GPA for the high school years.
  • A wide range of students experience poor performance in 9th grade—and NOT just those who did poorly in 8th grade.
  • 35% of all students fail at least one class during 9th grade.

During freshman year, your teen will get the academic foundation for the rest of high school. Concepts often build on one another, particularly in math and language arts.


1. Sit down with your teen to set expectations and prep them for what’s coming: “High school is going to be more challenging. Let’s talk about what to expect and how you’re going to handle it.” Many students do not realize that their grades in 9th grade are part of their transcripts their colleges will see when they apply in Junior or Senior year! They need to understand that progress they make in 9th grade is part of what determines their post-high school plans.

2. Show your child how to organize binders, set up assignment calendars and use an academic planners. Kids need to learn organization and time-management skills. Most kids aren’t naturally organized.

3. Let your teen begin to advocate for themselves, such as if they disagree with a grade or they need to chat with a school counselor about any social issues. Consider having them pretend you are the teacher or coach and let them practice talking to you before advocating for themselves at school.

4. Model the behaviors you want from your child and make sure you aren’t sending mixed messages. Are you setting a good example? For example, do you arrive on time? Keep appointments? Strive for excellence in your work? Try to improve? Putting down the phone and being present? Show respect to those in positions of importance?

5. Have tough or awkward conversations -- while in the car. This may sound like a strange tip, but it can be effective. You have a captive audience, and you don’t have to look at each other. It helps take the pressure off.

9th grade begins the rest of your child's public school education. In these four years, your child will turn into an adult. They will be challenged in new ways. Everything they do from the first day of 9th grade to the last day of senior year impacts college and future goals. We encourage you to begin this summer to have those conversations with your high school freshman!

Eighth graders & Parents - good luck! We will miss you!

**Article adapted from Sylvan Fundamentals**



Even though testing is over, we are still creating exciting experiences for our students!

*In honor of Saturday's coronation of King Charles III in England, Ms. French's class made "Coronation Cookies" last Friday!

*Ms. Berkeley County visited the sixth grade this week to talk about her platform "Respect Embrace Diversity" or RED. She also talked to students about career & scholarship opportunities and the importance of setting future goals.

*Ms. Amavisca's art class created a mural for the front foyer of the building called "#whatliftsyou". Students created balloons to represent the things that "lift them up" in their lives. Students listed favorite hobbies, friendships, sports, or teachers in their lives. In the picture below, Ms. Eyler poses with the mural!

*Ms. Gantt's class has been experimenting with physics this week. Her honors students went outside and built a fort. All of her classes were making ramps this week to test Newton's 2nd law of motion. Both of these experiences will be used to explain how forces interact.