Canyon View Elementary STEAM Club

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) Club

How does a paper airplane fly in the air? How does a magnet work? What is the world's longest bridge? Well if you want to know the answers to these questions, the STEAM Club is the right place for you! Ever wonder how big infinity is? Challenging questions like these and trying to understand how the world works around us is what makes learning so much fun. The STEAM Club will give students hands on learning. Or can we use the phrase, Teachology?

This month, the STEAM club will be examining an energy field that surrounds us and binds the galaxy together. No! Not The Force!


SEE the invisible force from a magnet in 3D. DISCOVER which everyday objects are attracted by magnets (and which aren't). UNDERSTAND why a rare earth magnet dropped through a copper pipe seems to defy gravity. BUILD your own compass using just a paperclip, a piece of cork, and a dish of water. Don't miss out as we explore the awesome power behind magnets!

Dates of the upcoming STEAM Club meetings

Students in grades 1 through 3 will meet in the third grade pod for the lunch hour. If your child purchases a hot lunch, please have them pick up their lunch first and then head to the third grade pod.

Students in grades 4 through 5 will meet after school in the MPR. Students in grades 1 through 3 are welcome to join this later session. The later session is taught with the 4th and 5th graders in mind but points will be reiterated giving younger students additional exposure to the materials presented.

Mark your calendars for these additional STEAM club dates: 11/14, 12/12 !