Career and College Plans

By: Austin Easley

Brain Hemispheres (Who Am I?)

This is one of the first projects we did this year. It determined what brain hemisphere we were. Left-Brain or Right-Brain. Left-Brain, what hemisphere I am, is very logical. Right-Brain is very creative. My score for Left-Brain was a 28, while my Right-Brain score was a 9. Therefore, I am very logical.

Personality Color Test (Who Am I?)

My color was orange. Orange is fun-loving, but is always serious when they need to be. Also, they often do work on a paper and alone rather than working together in a group. I am very similar to the traits below so my personality color is orange.

Fun loving, Charming, Adventurous, Impulsive, Competitive, Artistic, Multi-tasker, Adaptable, Creative, Witty, Generous, and Spontaneous.

Core Need: Freedom

High School Plans (Who Am I?)

I will go to Bentonville High School from the school year of 2013-2017. When I am in high school, I will begin to plan out what I will do in college and after college. Also, I will take courses and tests that will set me up to graduate and go to Texas A&M.

Career Research (What Do I Want?)

Three jobs that described me were Petroleum Engineer, Emergency Management Director, and Aquacultrual Manager. I would really like to be a Petroleum Engineer. Petroleum Engineers need to be good at a variety of skills such as decision making and critical thinking. Also, my sister is a petroleum engineer and she could help me learn more about this job . Petroleum Engineering jobs are high in demand. Also, these jobs have very good pay. The median pay of 2008 was $122,280. Usually, you would work about a 40-hour week, but possibly more hours due to the type of project. The environment you would work in would be industrial plants, office buildings, laboratories, or construction/production sites.

License Plate (What Do I Want?)

Our class made a license plate to describe us. It told where we wanted to live (Colorado) and the license showed what we wanted our job to be (Petroleum Engineer).

High School Planning (How Do I Get It?)

To get into Texas A&M, I will need to make good grades and take different courses and tests in high school. Most people who apply for Texas A&M submit their SAT scores so I will probably work hard on that test. Also, I will need to do some community work to make my resume look good. I hope to get involved in these things in the upcoming years.

College Research (How Do I Get It?)

I would like to go to Texas A&M University. This college has a good program for those who want to become a petroleum engineer. My sister went here and got a degree in Petroleum Engineering. She could help and give me details on how to become a petroleum engineer. Texas A&M is in College Station, Texas. Their website is The percentage of students admitted is 63%. Because Texas A&M is out of my state (Arkansas), the cost for a four year term would be $144,452. However, I am hoping to receive a scholarship.
Texas A&M Fight Song

Job Training (How Do I Get It?)

My sister is a petroleum engineer, which is a benefit so I can learn more about this job. You will need at least a bachelor's degree to become one. You can get educational training which could help later. Also, since my sister works in Tulsa, I can go to her work site and possibly do some training. In the next couple years, I will be researching and learning more about Petroleum Engineers. I hope to become one in my future.
A GoPro Graduation // Texas A&M University