Henry Turner

Basic Info

Current Age- 93

Place of residence- Turner, Philips County, Arkansas

Former Occupation- Plantation hand

Life as a Slave

The way Henry's describes the Turner place, it seems he kind of liked it. He describes it as a world within itself, where everything needed to survive was produced right there. He recalls large herds of sheep, pigs, and cows that provide meat, fat, and clothing. Medicine was prepared from roots, herbs, flowers, and leaves. Lumber was manufactured in in sawmills. Also there were mills to ground wheat into flour, and corn into mills. Tools were made by slaves who were trained in carpentry. He also said that they had the entertainment of chicken fights, horse races, and political rallies.

So I think that overall, Henry Turner may not have liked his life as a slave, but the way he describes it, it certainly seems bearable.

Life Today

Today, Henry Turner lives in Turner, Philips County, Arkansas with his daughter. He sits on a porch for hours each day, and people who pass buy offer to buy him candy, drinks, or tobacco, and speak a few words.

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