Physical Education Teacher


Teaching Position

Physical education teachers instruct classes and lead groups of students in exercise, sports, and physical activities, including cardiovascular and strength exercises. These teachers are also responsible for teaching students about health and wellness, along with basic coordination and teamwork.

Basic Duties

  • Preparing lesson plans and following a curriculum
  • Working with classes and individual students on physical fitness activities
  • Demonstrating exercises and sports for students
  • Assessing students’ progress and providing grades
  • Providing students with information on health,nutrition, wellness, and related lifestyle issues
  • Serving as coaches for competitive and recreational sports teams

Basic Skills needed

Like other primary and secondary school teachers, physical education teachers are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree, preferably in education and with a focus on a content area. Public school physical education teachers are also required to have state licenses and a physical education endorsement.

Average Salary

Average annual salaries for physical education teachers and gym instructors are about $50,000. This can be a lucrative and satisfying field for teachers with a passion for health, wellness, and physical education, and it can also lead to working with students in other capacities.