Team FLY! News

ah..MAY..zing new month!!!

Gift with Purchase has begun!!!

Spend $100 - get our Jardin du Midi Travel Candle FREE - plus free shipping!!

Remind your customers if they need their items in time for Mother's Day - that starting Tuesday - they will need to get expedited shipping.

Summer Lookbooks - BUY THEM NOW!!

YES - you read that correctly. Head to your account and get your Summer Lookbooks ordered. Who is ready for a bunch of new jewelry???? I know I am!

Check out your MAY planning calendar for the Launch of Amalfi Coast and MORE!
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The #3orderChallenge

It's not about putting a bunch of Pop Ups in your dashboard - it is about Quality Pop Ups! If you have 5 hostesses this month - then YES!!! Add those Pop Ups. BUT -let's say you are doing 3 different events (an online - an office lookbook push - and some drive bys) but these are all YOUR sales. DO NOT OPEN 3 POP UPS!!! Let's focus on getting ONE of your Self Hosted and your Hosted Pop Ups to 3 orders each - and hitting incentive before creating another Pop Up.

If for some reason you are going to lose a sale and you offer up a raffle code -FINE- open a Pop Up and get them to use that code. If they don't use it - delete the pop up - the pop ups with Zero Sales go into our Team Average - and we can easily get rid of these!!

So - my major focus this month is on Quality Pops!! Getting 3 orders minimum in your Pop Ups and helping you get your Hostesses and yourself INCENTIVES and CREDITS!!!

Are you excited!! There will be a prize!!

Let's have some fun this month!!!

Let's play some Bingo for Prizes!!! Save this bingo board and start marking through completed items.

When you get something done post a pic or share the post etc. and use hashtag #Blingo

You can post in the MerchPerch or in our Facebook Team page where all the fun happens!!
(not on the Facebook Team Page??? Friend me to get added!)
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Merchandiser Incentives - April

Hostess Incentives - April

Happy Birthday to you!

Zan Wilson 5/3
Olivia Seifert 5/7

Monica Ripke 5/8

Erin Pohler 5/17

ME!! 5/19

Val King 5/22

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Dianne Dixon

I'm your go to girl and team leader. I am also a Merchandiser just like you who is working my business every day!!

How can I help you?? Please reach out to me!!