Logical Fallacies iPhones

By: Gisselle and Angelica Alvarez


"Do you want to be left behind on the new technology? The answer is probably NO. Everyone nowadays has an iPhone but you, so get one now!"

False Testimonial

"The Kardashians way to a successful social media life: iPhones"

Non Sequitur

"I love iPhones so much, there is so much data in them."

Name Calling

"Get yourself an iPhone and leave that Android behind, the iPhone is the newest, most improved phone of the year!"

Over Generalization

"Everyone has an iPhone so must have one too."

Card Stacking

"iPhones have so many added features, facetime, siri, and finger touch sensors!"

Circular Reasoning

"iPhones should be known as the best phones, because they're so popular!"

Loaded Language

"Start your day extraordinarily, by taking your first glance at your new and improved iPhone."