Weekly Knight Notes

Week of 9-7-15


Hopefully you are collaborating with family and friends near a pool, lake, golf course, etc...

Enjoy your labor day weekend!

NE Change

We will be moving guidance lessons and digital citizenship lessons to Fridays starting this week. This allows students to have Monday-Thursday to work on assignments and gives you something to do with the kids on Friday when many of them don't have homework.

We will also be looking at having fun day on Mondays for students who have no missing assignments or who are not failing any classes. I will work with team leaders on the particulars of this.

Thursday during NE

For our AdvancEd accreditation coming up in March we need to get some surveys completed. One of the surveys is for our students. On Thursday (10th) all of our students will be conducting the AdvancEd survey during NE.

I will send out a link to everyone once we get closer. During this time you will also have time to complete the three surveys that I need completed. Including the staff AdvancEd survey.

Progress Reports

You can start to update grades this weekend. We gave families Friday and Saturday to check online if they wanted to compare grades.

8th grade Stones Trace Visit

I am sure your social studies teacher informed you already, but the Stone's Trace field trip is Friday the 11th. Social studies teachers have worked hard on this field trip like in years past. 8th grade teachers along with Wolf, Cain, Sibert, and Walter will be attending the field trip.

Departure time is 8:30 and should be back to the building around 1:00ish. Your SS teacher will fill you in with more details on groups and what to do that morning.


If you have not yet filled out the below surveys please take time and get those completed.

• Leadership Capacity Inventory: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QTC7597_Leadership

• School Culture Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BDPW2HF_C

AdvancED Survey: http://www.advanc-ed.org/survey/public/9791851

Study Table Grade Checks

Since we didn't have NE on Monday we will need to check grades on Tuesday morning during 1st period.

Pull up the sharepoint site and access the excel sheet to see what students you have in your class and edit the sheet if needed.

Special morning meeting

Mrs. Linson will be here Wednesday, Sep 9th at 7:15 to meet with the staff. This will take place in the library.

Classroom Lessons to check out


September 9th- Fundraiser Ends

September 11th- Deming out all day- am DOE meeting, pm meeting at corporation office