My baby Manganese

My adopted element by Robert Murdock

Meet My little Element

Now if my Element is hard to pronounce his initials or Chemical Symbol is Mn so you can remember him easier.

Growing and playing

My baby's weight or Atomic Mass is 54.038 amu. Mn also has 25 toys or as I like to call them Atomic Number.

A back up.

If little Mn broke all of his toys then I have back up ones called Isotopes

Is Mn a metal, nonmetal, or metalloid?

Mn is a Metal and can be found playing or being with Iron

A Chemical State.

Little Mn is a solid most of the time

Mn's Atom

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Period and Group/Family

Mn lives in period 4 and his siblings include technetium, rhenium, and borhium which are all in group 7 and he is his the leader of the group.

Uses my element can bring

My little Mn can help out with steel products and make a good protein source.


Mn can smell pungent looks gray-white and can rust in water.

Boiling & melting point

Mn's boiling point is 3,742 f and his melting point is 2,275 f


Mn has no radioactivity.

Cost to purchase

The cost to purchase Mn was $0.28 per 100g.

A helper

My good friend Johan G helped me discover little Manganese.

The name.

Mn's name comes from the Latin word magnet because Mn is a good magnet

The periodic Table with my element

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