Terrorists Attacks

May 17,2016

Terrorist Attack In Garland,Texas?

The shooting that happened in Garland,Texas took place in front of the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest.

As the contest came to an end two men drove to the front building were the event was taking place they shot a Garland police officer,The officer was badly wounded but it was nothing life threating.

The event only lasted seconds before one of the males was badly wounded,The second male was shot but not killed as he tried to reach his backpack officers in Garland think that the backpack might of had explosives in it

-Ways It Affected Texas-

The shooting that happened in Garland Texas affected Texas in its own state it gave people fear,After the shooting the people of Garland received a warning that there will be another attack,This in other words means that Texas now will be under the fear of terrorist attacks and shootings

Where The Attack Happened

Wednesday, May 4th, 6:30-6:45am

2719 Belt Line Road

Garland, TX