Lakota Preschool Daily Memo

By: Kelly Miller


Support Needs Rubrics-
Just a reminder that these are due on Friday. Please turn them in as you have them ready!

mportant Dates:

ASAP- Heights & Weights to Sharon Meek!

Feb. 15th-May 14th- ELA Spring Administration Window

Feb. 19th- Support Needs Rubrics Submitted to Stephanie & Kelly (IEP-K Trans)

Feb. 19th- Newest Hire Meeting (2-3p)

Feb. 19th- Data Committee Meeting (8-9a)

Feb. 22nd- Creekside Data Meetings (a.m.)
Feb. 23rd- Liberty Data Meetings (a.m.)

Feb. 26th- Home Visits with Tony (Spanish Translator)

Weekly Schedule:

Liberty IEP Day!
Kelly at Creekside & Shawnee!
Stephanie at Liberty!
Kelly at Creekside & Liberty
Stephanie at Liberty & Creekside
Data Committee Meeting @ Creekside from 8-9am
Kelly, Stephanie & Nancy in a meeting from 10-12pm
Newest Hire Meeting from 2-3p in Kelly's office! (you received a calendar invite)


Liz Green- no coverage needed
Christine Uhl- Brenda Street covering


Liberty A support (p.m. only)- Gitana covering



From Nicolle:
This morning I heard a group of related service staff members talking with an IT student's mom; a mom that initially was somewhat reluctant to send her child to school and a bit withdrawn from accepting any early intervention. However, after hearing of his progress and some success stories she remarked, "Since he has been coming to see you all I have noticed such a difference in him. I am overwhelmed by how much he has learned already!"
I know as a unit we all believe in early intervention and that some intervention is better than none. I felt like this is remark was a true testimony as to how, a little can go along way.
With the Friday IT group days beginning soon, I want to thank those that will got the extra mile and allow for a "little bit" of instruction to go a LONG way.
Kudos to you all for all your dedication,


Nancy Godbold- 2/6

Rebecca Scholl- 2/27