7th Grade Panther Press

April 8th Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, April 12th- The Hunger Games movie with Mrs. Flores from 3:30-6
  • Monday, April 18th- Math Benchmark
  • Friday, April 29th- Honors Applications Go Home
  • Friday, May 6th- Honor Applications Due to Office
  • Monday, May 9th- Math STAAR
  • Tuesday, May 10th- Reading STAAR
  • Tuesday, May 17th- Honors ELAR Testing
  • Wednesday, May 18th- Honors Math Testing during 4th and Advisory
  • Thursday, May 19th- Honors Science Testing
  • Friday, May 20th- Honors Social Studies Testing
  • Friday, May 27th- Honors Acceptance/ Denial Letters Go Home
  • Wednesday, June 1st- Honors Acceptance Letters Due
  • Thursday, June 2nd- Last Day of School!!!!

*Mondays, May 16th, 23rd, and 30th- No School!!!!!

Reading News

We have just finished reading the novel, Dark Water Rising, and the students LOVED it! It was a very heart-wrenching story about the Great Galveston Hurricane in 1900. I am very pleased with the engagement and attention to detail from my students.

Next week, we will take our final test, write a summary over the conflict found throughout the novel, review figurative language, and begin annotating poetry. We will also be taking personality tests to group all the students into six districts to launch our STAAR review based off The Hunger Games. We are all very excited to complete in "The STAAR Games!"

Students are bringing home a permission slip to watch The Hunger Games movie after school on Tuesday with me in the library. This is not a mandatory activity, but I wanted to provide all students with the opportunity to watch this to have necessary background information before beginning our test review.

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"The Hunger Games" Movie

Tuesday, April 12th, 3:30-6pm

VAMS Library

View the following link to access a Parent's Guide: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1392170/
Scholastic Book Club

We have many students who have been purchasing books through Scholastic Reading Club, and I have been stocking our classroom library as well. If any are interested in ordering online, please click the button and it will take you to their website.

ELA News

Happy Fourth Quarter!!!

Spring is in the air, and the final quarter is in full swing! As you know, on Wednesday, March 30, we launched the Entry Event for our research project. The day was rainy and dreary; however, it was filled with excitement and anticipation. We toured KXII Channel 12 in Sherman; met Meteorologist Wava Denito; toured Old Settler's Park; walked Una Mae Herd's final path; and ended the day with CiCi's and free time. THANK YOU for incredible support throughout the school year. The kids have been able to participate in very exciting projects, but many of them could not have been done without you. You are amazing!

We were able to interview Mary Jane Farmer, a journalist who worked on the Una Mae Herd case. She met us in the library during Advisory. She was extremely informative and very candid with her experience as a journalist. The students had really great questions about her field of work along with her knowledge on the case. Next week, we will be host to a former police officer with the Sherman Police Department. Although he did not work on the Una Mae Herd case, we hope to learn about his experience as a police officer and how missing persons' cases are addressed.

As usual, if you ever need to chat, feel free to pop in or send an email!

Make it a GREAT Week!!!

Mrs. Schroeder

Texas History

We are currently studying the Preamble to the Constitution and ways to amend it.

Math News

We are continuing to study probability. Our test is scheduled for Tuesday, April 12th. A review sheet was sent home Friday. Then, we will continue to study data on graphs. Our Math Benchmark for Monday, April 18th.

Weekly, we are reviewing math concepts by using IXL and Study Island during advisory periods. These are due each Friday. Students who do not get these completed during the advisory period should complete them by Friday morning with a parent signature. Any extra time spent on these two great resources will benefit your child's math understanding of 7th grade concepts and preparation for the STAAR test in May.

Please see the following attachment if you child is interested in taking Algebra next year.

7th Grade Mathematics/ Honors

Click this button to access the 7th grade Mathematics and Honors course information.

Science News

In Science we are studying the effects of human activity on our surface water and groundwater contained in aquifers.

The students were able to test the porosity (space) of sand, pebbles and rocks. Today they created an aquifer, polluted it and monitored the effects of pollution placed on the land. Next week we will build an edible aquifer. Here is a copy of the letter that was sent home on Thursday. We would like to make this by Thursday or Friday of next week

Edible Aquifer


7.3(B) use models to represent aspects of the natural world…

7.8(C) model the effects of human activity on groundwater and surface water in a watershed


To teach about the geologic components of an aquifer, the process of aquifer recharge, how pollution can get into groundwater, and how pumping from a well can cause a decline in the water table (if recharge does not equal or exceed water extraction).

Students will build their own aquifer model, learn about confining layers, water tables, contamination, and water use and recharge.

I am asking if anyone would be able to provide any of the following:

Materials Needed

  • 10-12 oz clear plastic cups (like the punch cups)

  • Clear straws (wells)

  • Vanilla ice cream (1 quart/~8 aquifers; confining layer)

  • Clear non-colored soda (unpolluted groundwater)

  • Colored soda, concentrated juice, or food coloring (pollution) (colored soda options: root beer, strawberry, orange, grape, cranberry ginger ale)

  • Blueberries or chopped fruit (gravel, large rocks)

  • Gummy bears, Small jelly beans or other small candies (gravel, large rocks)

  • Chocolate chips (gravel, large rocks) or chopped Walnuts, almonds, or other nuts (gravel, large rocks)

  • Sprinkles, a variety (soil)

  • Crushed chocolate cookies (such as Oreos/ Chocolate Graham Crackers; top soil) or Crushed vanilla cookies (sand; sandy soil)

Please let me know if you could provide any of the above items so our students will be able to create a memorable, edible aquifer.

Feel free to call/email if you have any questions.

Mrs. Hensley



VAMS Redo/ Retake Policy

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"The Hunger Games" Movie Permission Slip

This must be completely filled out and turned in by Tuesday to participate in the event.