Growth Mindset

DSS Manager Meeting 12.4.15

What Happened When Teachers Found Out How Students Felt About Them
Which picture below represents growth mindset to you? Why?

Discussion Questions

As managers and leads we have the opportunity to meet with parents and teachers quite often. Review pages 174-182. Think of a meeting you have attended in which the parents and or teachers had a fixed mind set regarding the student. How might you use the information from this section to help guide the parents and teachers toward a growth mind set?
On pages 213-214 Carol Dweck discusses change. Think of the beginning of your career, your path, your growth, and your change. Please share a time when you recall a change in philosophy during this time. How has this change had a positive impact on the students, teachers, parents, and schools you serve?

Quiet Reflection: 5 minutes

Are you reluctant to meet with a particular teacher or school team? Could your reluctance possibly be that the teacher and/or team has a fixed mind set about students, parents, the building, or district?

Make a plan:

1. What are the opportunities for learning and growth for this teacher and/or team?

2. What opportunity will I focus on first?

3. How will I bring my plan to life?

4. What do I need to do to maintain growth of this teacher and/or team?

Revisiting the "Growth Mindset"

Sometimes when an idea, philosophy, or strategy becomes popular and enters the mainstream, it moves away from its origins and changes in ways that could not have been predicted.

Please take a few minutes to read a recent article by Carol Dweck, in which she examines how her ideas on the growth mindset are being implemented nine years after the book's original publication.


Is there anything in the article that surprised you?

Dr. Dweck says that "we're all a mixture of fixed and growth mindsets," and "we will probably always be." Do you think that this contradicts the message in the book?

We have just completed the second of four Learning Team sessions that focus on encouraging a growth mindset in our staff and students. Does this revisiting of the original book change the focus at all? Can and should we incorporate ideas from this article into the next sessions?

Our own journey towards a growth mindset...

"If we want to move closer to a growth mindset in our thoughts and practices, we need to stay in touch with our fixed mindset thoughts and deeds."

If we want to encourage and develop a growth mindset in the students and teachers we work with, we must be honest and face our own challenges. Think about a "trigger" for you. Is there an area in your own life to which you react with a fixed mindset? It could be a challenging work situation, a relationship, or a family issue.

Once you identify an area in which you struggle to have a growth mindset, come up with two or three specific actions you can take to begin to overcome this challenge.