Monday Memo

Term 3, Week 3


  • Late mail!! Congratulations Helen for her nomination in the NEITA Inspirational Educators awards - that makes 3 from Bogangar. I think we are really punching above our weight. It's great that we have people out there that value teaching staff so highly.
  • Tree Planting Day - giving our kids more ownership in the local area - great!
  • BBQ Sunday: Well done 5/6B. Thanks Lauren for chasing the parents up and Donna Lawther for donating her time on Sunday.
  • Fete stalls - my word you are a diverse lot. What an impressive range of stalls you have volunteered to organise.
  • Swimming: all students have paid that are swimming this term. Well done Linda R and Linda C
  • The inflatable soccer field was a hit. Thanks Lauren for organising
  • District sports: Thanks Linda D and Anthony for organising and taking our students on Friday.
  • Before school: this morning it was great to see kids and parents waiting in the COLA - the power of a consistent message - well done.
  • Happy Birthday Robyn ( Wednesday) and Bonnie ( Friday) last week.
  • Smore. I love that website. its great to hear that some of you have got on and had a go too at producing some good looking documents. It does make a difference! Now I just have to see out there is some help out there for smore addicts......
  • Thanks Bonnie for filling in for Lindsay last week. Get well soon Lindsay. If Lindsay is still unwell this week, Julie Pine will be filling in.


1. Education Week and Grandparents Day. I think all the information is out there, thanks Linda D. Thank you everyone for the work that you have put into this. What a celebration it will be!

2. FACS leave. I will be away Monday and Tuesday this week with Patrick in Sydney for school football. Cathy Llewellyn will be in the office. I will continue to do casuals though, so ring me on my mobile 0438559939

3. Photos: the photos below ( and the ones last week) are from the photo shoot done last term with the photographers from Sydney. I will continue to put them into our memos so that you can get a look at them.

4. Lindsay still unwell - will be away at least Monday and Tuesday. Julie Pine will be coming in.

5. Linda Ryan commences leave next Friday to travel overseas ( lucky her!) Julie Pine will be doing Linda's job whilst she's away.

This week:

Monday 29 July:

Cath away

Assembly - 4/5H running

Tuesday 30 July:

Staff meeting 8:20

Cath away

Murbah Writers festival - selected students with Pauline

Professional Learning after school: English

Wednesday 31 July:

ICAS English - selected students (Cath)

Grandparents Day Concert rehearsal

Thursday 1 August:

Grandparents Day Concert - day and night

Friday 2 August:

Roll check by HSLIO ( please send rolls to the office)