Crabber Code Newsletter

April 2017


  • DRESS CODE- Clothing that exposes to much skin is distracting for other students. Parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing for any of the following violations: shirts that expose the midriff, cleavage, and undergarments; shorts, skirts, or dresses that are too short (above the fingertip line); pants with rips or tears that expose the skin above the fingertip line; clothing that sags below the waste. Please helps us maintain a professional and appropriate learning environment.
  • CONDUCT- Remember we are in the last quarter of school, please do not participate in any activity or conduct that could jeopardize classroom instruction. There is a zero tolerance policy for classroom disruption. We look for all our students to lead each other in a positive environment.
  • Campus Policy - We are a closed campus here at Hampton High. No student can leave campus without permission provided.

Anti-Bullying Week

Showcase that Hampton High School embraces a POSITIVE and SUPPORT culture by engaging in these activities.
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Crabbers Care Donation Drive

Illustrate that you CARE and LOVE your fellow Crabbers. Look through some of your old clothing or gather some non-perishable (canned goods, fruit cups, granola bars, beef jerky, dried fruits, boxed/canned drinks, etc)

Crabbers Care Donation Drive is from April 10th until April 24th. Please bring your clothing and food donations to either rooms 119, 155, 211, 229, or 241

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PBIS Elevator Speech

Ever wonder what PBIS's goals are? Well, no need to worry, there has been a one sentence "elevator speech" that summarizes the CARING, RESPECT, ATTITUDE, & BELIEF that Hampton High emphasizes everyday!
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April Faculty Member of the Month

Dress for Success

Studies showcase when you dress professionally or formally you are able to better problem solve and use higher orders of thinking. Also, your productivity is increased too (Smith, 2016). Why not feel good and make your grades look as good as you are on Dress for Success Tuesdays? Dress formally on Tuesday's and see the Dean's for a Crabber Buck. Don't forget to tell them how AWESOME your grades look too!
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Hampton's Got Talent

We are all looking forward to seeing Hampton's best showcase their talents. You know you will want to be a part of the crowd on May 13th, 2017 at 2 pm. The doors open at 1 pm, so be sure to get the prime seat to support your fellow Crabbers as they entertain you for a POSITIVE and rememberable afternoon.
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