Mrs. Marler's Weekly Newsletter

March 21st- 25th

Class Update

Hi Parents, I hope you are doing well! We had a great Monday and have a lot to do before spring break!

Math- This week we will be learning about Pictographs, Bar graphs and Line Plots!

Reading- We are starting are research unit. Students will be in groups of four and will learn how to take notes and research in an organized way using many different resources.

Writing- Drafting our informational writing pieces.

Science- Finishing up sound- learning the many ways pitch can be changed.

Important Dates

Science Test- Thursday, March 24th. Students will use study guide and their notes on the Ipad to study.

Spring Break- March 25th- April 1st


  • Students will have math homework Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • We will be learning about root words the next few weeks in place of spelling. Learning these root words will help students decode words as they read. Students will be responsible for completing a root word "box" every night. Students are to write the definition, draw a picture, look up example words and write a sentence. All resources are on the students ipad, on the app notability. Please let me know if you have any questions!
  • Reading every night :) (This is crucial! Thanks for your support)