Tuesday at AIM

Know & Go

The Thinking Behind the Underground Railroad

Yesterday as we continued down our road to the Civil War we focused on the Underground Railroad. By this age, most have heard about it so I wanted to help them understand the amount of thinking, planning and brain power that would have gone into setting up such a network of safe houses, communication methods etc., Our class was broken into groups of four and challenged to create a communication method for escape to a safe location within our school. This included code words, a song, a map (without obvious directions), and 4 coded pictures. It also had to be coordinated to the master school schedule so that they wouldn't get caught in the halls, as well as locations or teachers that could possibly help them along the way. Although I had planned for this to take about 60 minutes, they really got into it so I gave them an additional 90 minutes. I am going to let my 6th graders try and figure out their locations on Friday and then next AIM day we will switch and see which ones worked the best. For the remaining our we continued to work on editing our movies and finishing our center rotations!