Exploring Europe

Greece, Italy, & Ireland

This is a 3-part tour of Europe; we will explore the history, cultures, and traditions of Greece, Italy, and Ireland as well as explore their current economic activities and leaders. I chose Greece because my family and I are considering traveling there this summer. I chose Italy and Ireland because my personal heritage comes from those two countries and I wanted to learn more about the countries that my ancestors came from.


Greek Culture

Greece is a Presidential Parliamentary Democracy led by President Karolos Popoulias and Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. They currently suffer from an extreme amount of debt-the highest in all of Europe. The current population in Greece is approximately 11.2 million people. Greek culture is characterized by their food, music, and dance.


Italian Culture

After struggling under the ruling of Benito Mussolini and his Fascist dictatoriship Italy became a Republic in 1946. Italy's current president is Giorgio Napolitano with Prime Minister, known as the President of the Council of Ministers, Enrico Letta. Italy suffers from slow economic growth, high rates of unemployment, and high levels of crime and corruption. They currently have a population of over 61 million people and suffer from high levels of air polution. Italy is known for its rich history and culture in the arts. Italy is a peninsula located in Southern Europe extending into the Mediterranean Sea.


Irish Culture

Ireland is an island located in the North Atlantic Ocean East of Britain. They currently have a population of 4,775,982 people. Ireland is a parliamentary democracy under President Michael D. Higgins and Prime Minister Enda Kenny. Essential crops include barley, potatoes, and wheat as well as beef and dairy products. Both English and Irish are spoken throughout the country and the majority religion is Roman Catholic. Ireland is famous for its array of alcoholic beverages, unique cuisine, and characteristic dancing and music.