an online Post-It note for your classroom

Why Use Padlet?

Padlet is a nice way to receive information from your entire class in an informal (or formal if you have them include their name) way. Students can add text, links, and videos to one space. Padlet allows students to see their peers' thoughts and ideas.
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How does Padlet Work?

Follow these steps

1. Go to the Padlet website and click "Sign Up."
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2. Sign up using an email account. I personally click on the "Sign up with Google" link and use my school Google account whenever possible. It prevents me from having to remember as many passwords.
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3. In the dashboard, click "New padlet." Your first Padlet is created!
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adding to the wall and Sharing Padlet with students

4. Double click or drag something anywhere in the work space to add something. As the teacher, you might want to prove a heading that focuses the students when they go to the wall.
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5. Share the link with your students.

A. The link can be found in the Omnibox above the Padlet wall.

B. Copy (keyboard shortcut = Cntrl+C) and paste (keyboard shortcut = Cntrl+V) the link to a place where you can share with the students (Google Classroom, Google Slides,

PowerPoint, etc).

C. If you want, you can shorten the link at

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