Language Arts - Block 4

Lesson Objectives

Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in works of literature, including figurative and connotative meanings with a focus on personification.

Watch the video clip about the different types of figurative languages. You will have a lesson on personification by me and be able to work in IXL under activities on figurative languages. Once you are done, you can do your assessment page. Turn it in to me when you are finished.


77 minutes

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Here is an overview of the different types of figurative language.

Figurative Language and other literary devices


What is personification? Watch a lesson by Miss Tharp to learn all about it!

Recording #15


Work in IXL on standard SS.1 to identify personification under the 7th grade language arts category.

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Password: lunch number

Assessment - 20 points

On the paper provided, write down a sentence that demonstrates personification. Write the sentence at the bottom of the page. Next, draw a picture illustrating the meaning of your sentence. You may color your drawing. Both your sentence and your drawing must demonstrate personification. Use the internet if you need examples of personification.


Explore the following if you need additional help understanding this lesson!

If you have questions about personification, watch the video under the introduction again. The video gives examples and definitions for each type of figurative language. You can also watch the instructions again on getting more information about personification.