Radical Misfits Bible Outreach

Where God and The Real World Come Back Together.

Ever Felt Lost and without purpose?

We all have. There are just times when it feels like God isn't where we want him to be. We're all real people, it's time for a REAL bible study.

Every Wednesday from 4-5, right before Holy Communion!

We'll be meeting in various places as the weather permits, sometimes in the Great Room, maybe the Wesley Library, Downstairs patio, Or none of the above! We'll decide that as time goes on!

Guaranteed to be Thought-Provoking, Relaxing, and Fun for all!

Meet Derrick.

Hi, My name is Derrick Stoffer. I'm A Senior History Major planning to attend Seminary after graduation. Since becoming a Christian in 2005, to joining the United Methodist Church in 2012, I have studied and found that sometimes, The Bible can be a tough book to swallow. I hope to help students to rediscover the greatest text on Earth, and Welcome newcomers from all over Tennessee Tech's campus to discover God and the Glory that comes from serving him!