Peter the Great

Kiara Zavala

Personality of Peter the Great

  • Peter the Great wanted everything to go his way. He didn't care about other people's opinions on things, so he became an "absolute monarch," of Europe.
  • He was extremely interested in Western ideas, and cultures.
  • Since everything had to go his way, westernization started to spread in Russia.
  • He didn't care for anyone who didn't listen to his rules, rebels would be executed or tortured.


  • Peter the Great strengthened Russia's military.
  • He is known for creating Europe's largest standing army, expanding Russia's borders and building a world-class navy.
  • Won a long war, "The Great Northern War," against Sweden after being defeated the first time.
  • He gained land to the Baltic Sea.
  • Built a huge capital city called, "St. Petersburg".


  • Peter the Great demanded boyars to shave their beards after he came back from the West.
  • Western-styles clothes had to be worn and old-fashioned robes were no longer accepted.
  • Peter started to mix sexes together in public
  • For example, he scheduled grand parties where men and women were expected to dance together, which was uncommon at the time.
  • Also, Peter passed laws saying that nobles had control over their lands only

Interesting Facts

  • Peter the Great was 10 years old when he first took over the throne in 1682
  • Also, he made the Russian alphabet more simple
  • He tortured and executed 1,000 of his rebels
  • After that he left the corpses rotting outside of the palace
  • Peter died in 1725 and left a mixed legacy